Make An Appointment At Our COVID-Free Facilities

We have all come to terms with the new reality of viruses and germs. With variants of COVID-19 popping up, we want to let you know that we are in a COVID-19 Free facility. Rest assured that when you visit Dr. Steven Melman and Associates, we have taken great measures to keep you and your family safe, such as on-premise Rapid COVID Testing and a state-of-the-art Negative Air Pressure System.

*On-premise rapid COVID testing for all patients to ensure there is no transmission of COVID in our facilities.
*Negative Air Pressure System Air suction system which constantly pulls air particles out from the clinic space – just like in hospitals.

Flying? Get a free COVID test before you fly! Get instant results, but allow 72 hours for PCR results.

Gold-Standard Safe Facility

  • Rapid COVID Testing
  • Negative air pressure system
  • HEPA air filtration
  • Body Temperature stations

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