ARESTIN is a highly effective solution in combating bacterial infections, specifically designed to eradicate the root cause of the ailment. As an advanced antibiotic, ARESTIN® contains minocycline hydrochloride, which directly targets and eliminates the bacteria responsible for causing these infections. With its potent properties, this remarkable treatment ensures that no stone is left unturned in restoring optimal health and well-being. By effectively killing off harmful bacteria, ARESTIN triumphs over infection with unparalleled efficacy.

ARESTIN’s meticulous formulation guarantees precision in targeting even the most resistant strains of bacteria, making it a powerful ally against microbial invasions. Whether it's addressing periodontitis or other similar dental complications, ARESTIN stands as an unrivaled solution revered amongst healthcare professionals for its ability to achieve long-lasting positive outcomes while ensuring patient safety remains paramount throughout every step of treatment.

ARESTIN® is strategically placed by a skilled dental professional in the periodontal pockets, where bacteria thrive and wreak havoc on oral health. By delivering ARESTIN® directly into these deep crevices, it swiftly begins its mission of combating infection at its source.

But what sets ARESTIN® apart from other treatments is its ability to persistently fight bacteria long after you leave the dental office. It tirelessly works for an impressive 30 days, continuously battling infections and reducing inflammation within your gums.

The results speak for themselves, as studies have shown that ARESTIN® provides significantly better outcomes compared to scaling and root planing alone, even up to 90 days post-treatment. With this groundbreaking solution, patients can achieve lasting relief from bacterial onslaughts while enjoying improved dental health over an extended period of time.


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